Vegan Moussaka (Gluten-Free)

My dinner table is always full for Jewish holidays. Friends, family, visitors from afar, and strays and strangers from many backgrounds all cram into the dining room for Rosh Hashanah, Passover or other Jewish celebratory meals.

I like the food I serve to be diverse so all feel welcome no matter what food restrictions or preferences they may have so this Vegan Moussaka is also gluten free (see notes on how to adapt to make it nut free as well).

The Vegan Moussaka plays on flavors reminiscent to Jews in Turkey and Greece and features a white sauce made from almond milk. This recipe has four components, and all but making the white sauce can be done in advance. I recommend assembling and baking the moussaka the day before serving and reheating. To add oomph, I baked mine in a large, round springform pan. I’ve given alternative directions for an equally tasty if less dramatic version baked in a traditional pan.

Garlic sauce (see recipe) and pomegranate molasses are versatile kitchen staples with Middle Eastern backgrounds. Purchase pomegranate molasses (which is not true molasses, it is pomegranate juice simmered with lemon juice and sugar until thick and syrupy) online or in some grocery, specialty, kosher and Middle Eastern stores.


Loubia is here to make you go “beananas” with every nourishing spoonful. You will wonder where this recipe “bean” has been all your life. Check out the complete step-by-step guide to making this Loubia (Moroccan Stewed White Beans), along with information about modifying it to suit different dietary needs. This recipe was contributed by Chef Adam Sobel from The Cinnamon Snail, a vegan and kosher caterer located in New Jersey.

I’m new to polenta but found it to be delicious and this meal lasted me for three days!

This newly created recipe was a hit with all the guests we hosted this weekend. Everyone asked for a second, third, and fourth piece. I was really pleased!

These delicious blueberry pancakes are super fluffy and you wouldn’t even know they’re actually good for you!

These fluffy muffins use sweet potato and whole wheat flour, making them the perfect light and nutritious breakfast to-go.

This bright and flavorful salad will become a new lunch or dinner favorite in your house! Easy to make and loaded with healthy goodies, you’ll love this balanced delicious vegan meal.

This easy dinner can be made all in your air fryer! You can also adapt any of the components (or all of them) to be made in your oven if you do not have an air fryer. An air fryer only makes the process faster but it is not necessary.

Get your veggies in with this simple, delicious dinner!

The easiest, tastiest and cheapest vegan bacon I’ve ever encountered: RICE PAPER BACON!